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Rachel Price

  • Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures
Position: Assistant Professor
  • Modern and Contemporary Spanish America
Field: Caribbean and trans-Atlantic Literature
Office: 360 East Pyne
Phone: 609-258-7153
Office Hours: By appointment


Rachel Price (B.A., Yale; Ph.D., Duke U.), works on Latin American, circum-Atlantic and particularly Cuban literature and culture; media and literature; and empire. Her book entitled “The Object of the Atlantic: Concrete Aesthetics in Cuba, Brazil and Spain 1868-1968,” is forthcoming from Northwestern University Press. Her current manuscript on contemporary Cuban aesthetics, provisionally entitled Planet/Cuba, is under contract with Verso Books.

Professor Price is a member of the 2012-2015 PIIRS Research Community on Empire.


  • “Games and Systems: Digital Art from Cuba” Frieze (March/April 2013)
  • “Planet/Cuba. On Jorge Enrique Lage’s Carbono 14: Una novela de culto and Vultureffect,” La Habana Elegante(Fall 2012)
  • “Bare Life, Vidas Secas: or, Como se morre no cinema.” Luso Brazilian Review (Summer 2012)
  • “Early Brazilian Digital Culture or, The Woman Who Was Not B.B.” Grey Room 47 (Spring 2012)
  • “From Coney Island to La Isla del Coco.” Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies (Autumn 2011)
  • “New Media’s New Literature.” Review, Americas Society 82 Special Issue Cuba Inside and Out (May 2011)
  • “Arquitectura, destrucción, acontecimiento," in Crítica de la Acumulación, eds. Elixabete Ansa-Goicoechea, Oscar Ariel Cabezas & Alessandro Fornazzari. Santigo de Chile: Ediciones del Sur/ILAES, 2010.
  • “The Spirit of Martí in the Land of Coaybay.” Hispanic Review (Spring 2009).
  • “La sombra del imperio.” Res Publica, Murcia, Spain (June 2008).
  • “Object, non-object, trans-object, relational object: from Concrete Poetry to the nova objetividade.” Revista de Letras da UNESP, Brazil, Vol. 47 Homenagem a Haroldo de Campos: 1 (2007)