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Ricardo Piglia

  • Spanish and Portuguese
Position: Emeritus Professor
Title: Walter S. Carpenter Professor of Language, Literature and Civilization of Spain. Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures.
  • Modern and Contemporary Spanish America
Ricardo Piglia


Ricardo Piglia is recognized as one of the most outstanding Latin American contemporary writers. His novels have been translated to English, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese. Two of his books (Nombre falso and Plata quemada) have inspired films. His novel La ciudad ausente was adapted for opera and shown at The Colón Opera House of Buenos Aires, with music by Gerardo Gandini. He received the Casa de las Américas Prize for La invasión, the Boris Vian Prize for Respiración artificial, the Nacional Prize for La ciudad ausente, the Planeta Prize for Plata quemada, and the Premio Iberoamericano de las Letras José Donoso.

Professor Piglia teaches Spanish American Literature, with special emphasis on 19th and 20th centuries intellectual and cultural history in the Río de la Plata. Interested in literary theory and theory of the novel he has given seminars about Sarmiento, Onetti, Borges, Arlt, Puig, as well as on "Paranoid fiction. The detective genre in Latin American" and "Poetics of the novel in Latin America. He currently holds the Walter S. Carpenter Professor of Language, Literature and Civilization of Spain.

He has written widely on Arlt, Sarmiento, Borges, Macedonio Fernández, and on the poetics of narrative. One of his most recent books, Formas breves, was awarded in 2001 the Bartolomé March Prize to the best literary essay published in Spain.