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Ronald Surtz

  • Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures
Position: Professor
Title: Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures.
  • Medieval and Early Modern Spain
Office: 344 East Pyne
Phone: 609-258-4521
Office Hours: Tue/Thu 10:00-10:50am


Ronald Surtz (Ph.D., Harvard U.) is a Professor in Spanish specializing in medieval and Golden Age literature.

He has written:

  • The Birth of a Theater (1979)
  • The Guitar of God: Gender, Power, and Authority in the Visionary World of Mother Juana de la Cruz (1481-1534) (1990)
  • Writing Women in Late Medieval and Early Modern Spain: The Mothers of St. Teresa of Avila (1995)

Professor Surtz has edited:

  • Teatro castellano de la Edad Media (1992)
  • Juan Pastor's Aucto nuevo (1981)

He is co-editor of a collection of essays entitled Creation and Re-creation: Experiments in Literary Form in Early Modern Spain (1983). He has directed dissertations on such topics as the Libro de miseria omne, Pedro de Corral's Crónica sarracina, and censorship in 17th-century Spain.