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Study and Work Abroad

Scholarships for Summer Study Abroad in Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking countries

2016 Scholarships

Applications due April 11, 2016
The Department of Spanish and Portuguese is pleased to accept applications for $1,000 scholarships for summer study abroad in Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking countries. These are highly competitive scholarships for Princeton undergraduates with different levels and backgrounds in Spanish or Portuguese.  Up to nine scholarships will be awarded annually.
**PLEASE NOTE:  These funds may NOT be used for Princeton in Argentina, Princeton in Spain or Princeton in Brazil since there are already separate funds especially designated for those programs.  Students with financial need who are admitted to PiA, PiB, or PiS will automatically be considered for a program scholarship. The award amount will vary according to the student's level of need.  There is no need to submit a scholarship application UNLESS the student is  seeking funds for some other study abroad opportunity in addition to (or as an alternative to) PiA, PiB, or PiS.

To qualify as an applicant, the student must be either:
  1. A Spanish and/or Portuguese concentrator,
  2. A freshman considering a concentration or a certificate in Spanish and/or Portuguese, or
  3. A student pursuing a certificate in Spanish and/or Portuguese.

Under special circumstances and considering the number of applications a higher amount can be granted.

All applications must include:
  1. A completed application.
  2. An essay.
  3. One copy of your Princeton transcripts.
  4. A recommendation from one of your professors in the Department.
The online application opens January 1, 2016, and the application deadline is April 11, 2016. Applications and supporting documents must be submitted through the Student Activities Funding Engine (SAFE) (
Applicants will be notified in April of the result of their application.