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Degrees and Certificates Offered

Ph.D. Program

The Program offers a Ph.D. in Public and International Affairs with a focus in STEP. Doctoral students normally take a minimum of 8 courses, the majority of which are completed during the first year.

The M.P.A./M.P.P. Program

The Woodrow Wilson School offers degrees in domestic, international, development, or economic policy with a STEP Certificate in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy. In addition to fulfilling the requirements for one of the fields of concentration (domestic, international, development, or economic policy), the STEP certificate represents an additional set of requirements beyond those for any of the MPA/MPP program's four basic fields.

Undergraduate Degrees

Undergraduates have two options for participating in the STEP Program. Sophomores who apply for admission to the Undergraduate Program of the Woodrow Wilson School for the final two years of their undergraduate education can prepare an individual policy oriented program which focuses on science, technology, or environmental policy issues. This route results in the awarding of a B.A. Students concentrating in science or engineering departments may simultaneously enroll in the WWS and are awarded a WWS undergraduate certificate upon completion of the school's requirement.