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Denise Mauzerall

Associate Professor of Public and International Affairs

The objective of my research group is to utilize science to inform the development of far-sighted air quality policy. We explore linkages between air pollution and health, energy, and climate change. Recent research projects have examined the impacts of air pollution on agriculture and health in China, inter-continental transport of air pollutants, environmental consequences and alternatives to nitrogen oxide emissions trading, regional attribution of ozone production and associated radiative forcing to emissions from specific regions of the world, and the benefit that methane emission controls can have on reducing background ozone concentrations and reducing associated impacts on human health and climate change.

Published Papers:

A full text (pdf) version of Professor Mauzerall's articles can be found on her home site:

Liu, J. and D. L. Mauzerall, Evaluating the potential influence of inter-continental transport of sulfate aerosols on air quality, Environmental Research Letters, in press July 2007.

Liu, J., Mauzerall, D. L., Horowitz, L.W. Source-Receptor Relationships of Trans-Pacific Transport of East Asian Sulfate, Geophys. Res. Lett., submitted 2007.

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Committee on Air Quality Management in the United States, National Research Council/National Academies of Science, “Air Quality Management in the United States,” 426 pages, 2004. [full text]

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Recent Conference Proceedings:

Air Pollution as a Climate Forcing: Second workshop, April 2005. "An Integrated Assessment of the Impacts of Air Pollution on Health in Eastern China: A Valuation with Implications for Future Air Pollution and Energy Policies."

AGU, Fall 2004. "NOx Emissions from Large Point Sources: Variability in Ozone Production, Resulting Health Damages and Economic Costs."

AGU, Fall 2004. "Regional Attribution of Ozone Production and Associated Radiative Forcing: A Step to Crediting NOx Emission Reductions."

AGU, Fall 2004. "Impacts of Air Pollution on Health in Eastern China: Implications for Future Air pollution and Energy Policies."

AGU, Fall 2004. "Quantifying Source-Receptor Relationships between NOx Emissions and 03 Concentratins in Downwind States in the Continental U.S."

AGU, Fall 2003. "An Alternative to NOx Cap-and Trade Programs: An Exploratory Analysis of Charging NOx Emitters for Health Damages."

AGU, Fall 2003. "Evaluating the Impact of Air Pollution on Human Health in China: the Price of Clean Air."

Models-3 Workshop October 2003. "Integrated Assessments: Using Regional Models to Evaluate Health Impacts of Air Pollution in the United States and China."

AGU, Spring 2002. "The Use of Atmospheric Science to Determine Optimal Air Quality Management Regions."

Mauzerall, D. L., Horowitz, L., Brasseur, G., "Preliminiary Analysis of Regional Tropospheric Ozone Budgets Using MOZART-2, a Global Photochemical Tracer Model," Proceedings of International Symposium on Tropospheric Ozone in East Asia and its Potential Impacts on Vegetation, Tokyo, Japan, 1998.

Mauzerall, D. L., Brasseur, G., Hauglustaine D., "Production and Export of Tropospheric Ozone from Asia: Global Modelling and Analysis of PEM-West B Data," International Symposium on Atmospheric Chemistry and Future Global Environment, Nagoya, Japan, 1997.