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Shanthu Shantharam

Visiting Research Scholar

Biographical Sketch

Shanthu's specialization is in the area of agricultural biotechnology policy analysis and environmental risk assessment of genetically engineered organisms GMOs). His current research interests are to study the policy imperatives for the implementation of GM crops technology in the developing countries, and how the intransigence of the Europe is really affecting the agricultural development in the south.

Shanthu is specifically interested in understanding the role of regulatory policies in biotechnology development, and address the issues of environmental liability due to the cultivation of GM crops. He is equally interested in studying the sociology of the anti-biotech activism/campaign around the world.

Shanthu would like to find ways or options to resolve the agricultural biotechnology regulatory conundrum that has become the bottleneck for growth of modern agricultural biotechnology.

Shanthu Shantharam

Shanthu Shantharam
Woodrow Wilson School
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544

Office: 405 Robertson Hall
Phone: 609-258-4832