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Fangyuan Hua

Postdoctoral Research Associate

I am an avian ecologist, behavioral ecologist, and conservation biologist. My main research interest revolves around understanding how avian and other biodiversity are impacted by anthropogenic habitat degradation, and how management and conservation strategies could intervene to alleviate such impacts. For my research at Princeton University in the Wilcove lab, I will be focusing on the issues of forest loss and degradation, land cover change, and biodiversity conservation in Southern China, particularly the large extent of lowland areas that traditionally receive not much conservation attention. Lowland natural forest in China has undergone profound changes in recent history. Despite the country’s large scale reforestation efforts in the past few decades, forest biodiversity still faces a number of challenges including urbanization, agriculture intensification, and probably above all, the unsuitability of existing reforested habitats that are dominated by a single or few tree species. I will assess the current status of habitat and avian biodiversity in existing forested landscapes in Southern China, and analyze the historical and socio-economic factors underlying such status. These understanding will be critical for informing policies pertaining to land use planning, reforestation and forest management for more effective biodiversity conservation in the region

405a Robertson Hall
Robertson Hall
Princeton University

609 258 2448