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Seung-Rae Kim

Research Staff Member (STEP 2003-2005)

Specializing in environmental economics, public finance, and computational economics, my current research has focused on the design and efficiency of market-based economic regulation under different circumstances, including policy interactions, uncertainty, and endogenous public incentives for technological change.

More specifically, my recent research interests include the theoretical or empirical general equilibrium assessments of interactions between environmental, fiscal and R&D policies; integrated assessment modeling of climate change and the economy; stochastic control theory applications using dynamic CGE models; and optimal economic policy-makings under uncertainty.

I am currently working on "climate change mitigation strategies" by integrating dynamic (R&D-driven growth) general equilibrium models with the traditional life-cycle-analysis or material balance approaches (e.g., for carbon stock control) and on the dynamics of global carbon management under uncertainty. My research goals are, in general, to develop a set of conceptual or quantitative tools regarding the economic analysis and evaluation of environmentally-motivated regulatory policies, and to apply the tools to various practical problems such as climate change (e.g., economic incentives to address the efficiency, distributional, and technological impacts of greenhouse gas control).

Samples of Publications and Submitted Papers

"Uncertainty, Political Preferences, and Stabilization: Stochastic Control Using Dynamic CGE Models," in revision for Computational Economics, 2003. 

"Environmental Investment and Policy with Distortionary Taxes and Endogenous Growth," submitted to the Journal of Public Economics, 2003 (with D. Fullerton).

"Optimal Environmental Regulation in the Presence of Other Taxes," Contributions to Economic Analysis & Policy, Vol.1: No.1, Article 4, 2002.

"Energy Shocks and Macroeconomic Adjustment Policies," The Korean Economic Review, Vol.13, No.2, pp.91-110, 1997.

"Industrial Impact Analysis from Environmental Regulation on Greenhouse Gases: CGE Approach," Environmental Economic Review, Vol.5, No.1, 1996 (with J.-I. Kim).

"An Integrated Energy Policy for Korea: The Case of an Energy Importing Country," Energy Policy, Vol.21, No.10, pp.1001-1010, 1993 (with T.-Y. Kim).

Seung-Rae Kim