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Shuaizhang Feng

Research Associate

My Research at Princeton investigates the potential for anthropogenic climate change to cause significant migration of human populations. I work under the direction of Professors Alan Krueger and Michael Oppenheimer. An area of particular interest for us is forecasting the migration response to climate-related changes in agricultural productivity and responses to expectations about both future climate and agriculture.

More generally, as a labor economist, I am interested in issues such as income inequality, wage dispersion associated with employer size, migration and educational issues, particularly those related to China.


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"Generalized Percentile Ratios as Robust Measures of Labor Earnings Inequality", with Richard V. Burkhauser, International Journal of Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies, forthcoming.

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"Rationality and self-control: The implications for smoking cessation", Journal of Socio-economics 34, (2005) 211-222.

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Shuaizhang Feng