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Yun Li

Economic Analyst (STEP 2002-2005)

I work with David Bradford on the policies of energy, economy, and climate change. I am interested in economic and policy analysis of carbon management. My research focuses on energy supply and demand, carbon emissions, cost of carbon abatement, international burden-sharing of carbon control, and the applications of integrated models in energy, economy, and climate change.


"Energy and Emission Scenarios for China in the 21st Century––Exploration of Baseline Development and Mitigation Options," Energy Policy, Vol.31, No. 4, 2003, pp369-387 (with Vuuren et al.)

"The Costs of Implementing the Kyoto Protocol and its Implications to China," International Review for Environmental Strategies, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp 159-174, 2000

"Energy Consumption: Not Only Energy Problem," China Education Paper, Feb. 28, 1999 (with Xuiyi Liu)

"Greenhouse Gas Mitigation from Sustainable Energy and Forestry Action in China," State Development Planning Commission of China, Dec. 1998 (with Jianming Zhang et al.)

"Opportunities and Concerns in the Developing World: the Case of China," Chapter 10 of Controlling Carbon and Sulfur: Joint Implementation and Trading Initiatives, pp117-128, 1997 (edited by Dean Anderson and Michael Grubb, The Royal Institute of International Affairs)

"Wet Removal of Ammonia and its Role in Acid Rain," Environmental Science Study, Vol.9(6), 1996

Master’s Thesis

"International Burden-sharing of Carbon Control as the Purchase of a Public Good," Pennsylvania State University, 2002

Yun Li