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The David Bradford Seminars in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy
The seminar series is co-sponsored with the Princeton Environmental Institute
(PDF Schedule)

Wallace Hall, Room 300
(12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m)
Lunch is provided starting at 11:45 a.m.

September 19, “The Uses and Misuses of Scientific Information in Public Policy”

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Chris C. Mooney

Washington Correspondent, SEED magazine

September 26, “Air Pollution: Science, Impacts,and Policy”

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Denise L. Mauzerall

Assistant Professor of Public and International Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University

October 3, "The Unfinished Business of Nuclear Disarmament"

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Robert Alvarez

Director, Nuclear Policy Project, Institute for Policy Studies

October 10, “Evidence-Based Technology Management for Global Health Risks: Analytical Issues, Empirical Results, and Policy Implications”

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Majid Ezzati

Assistant Professor of International Health
Harvard School of Public Health

October 17, “Pathways to Sustainable Development: Co-Optimizing Competitiveness,Environment, and Employment

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Nicholas A. Ashford

Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Director, The Program in Technology and Law

October 31 - Fall Break

November 7, “Politics and Business: Climate Change Policy Approaches A Turning Point” 

Hon. Eileen Claussen

President, The Pew Center on Global Climate Change

November 14, “Untangling Science and Politics: Is There Such a Thing as Objective Science-Policy Advice?”

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E. William Colglazier

Executive Officer, The National Academy of Sciences

November 21, “An Insider's View of Corporate and Government Leadership in Climate Protection”

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Stephen Andersen

Director, Strategic Climate Projects, U.S. E.P.A.

November 28, "Flawed Radiation Standards and Risks to Ecosystems and Biota”

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Kristin Shrader-Frechette

O'Neill Family Professor, Department of Biological Sciences and Department of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame

December 5, “Environmental Issues Associated with Modern Agriculture”

David Pimentel

Professor of Insect Ecology and Agricultural Sciences, Department of Entomology, Cornell University

December 12, “Regulatory Benefits and Costs: Progress and Challenges”

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John D.Graham

Administrator, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Offfice of Management and Budget

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