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Fall Schedule 2008

September 22nd, "Climate Change and Crop Productivity: Challenges and Opportunities"
Vangimalla Reddy

September 29th, "Navigating the Science, Mitigation Options and Climate Politics of Black Carbon"
Ellen Baum

October 6th, "Energy and Climate: A World Bank Perspective"
Philippe Benoit

October 13th, "Energy Challenges for the 21st Century- An International Oil Company Perspective"
David Eyton, Vice President for Research and Technology, British Petroleum

October 20th, "Quantitative Glimpses of Four Emerging Pathogens"
Andrew P. Dobson, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University

Fall Break - October 25 thru November 2

November 3rd, "Dust Kills: From Combustion, Particles , and Genes to Policy"
Joel Schwartz

November 10th, "Biosecurity Regulation of Genetically Engineered Crops In India: An Analysis of Science, Policy, and Anti-GE Activism"
CK Rao

November 17th, "Greening Aid: Understanding the Environmental Impact Of Development Assistance"
J. Timmons Roberts, Director, Program in Environmental Science and Policy, College of William and Mary

November 24th, "India's Economic Miracle and the Crisis of Environmental Governance"
Ashish Kothari

December 1st, "The Impacts of Agriculture on Biodiversity: Lessons and Lies from Kenya and Borneo"
David Wilcove, Professor of Public Affairs and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University

December 8th, "Climate Change and Air Pollution: Regional and Global Analyses of the Benefits and Tradeoffs of Emission Reduction Options"
Frank Dentener

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