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The David Bradford Seminars in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy
The seminar series is co-sponsored with the Princeton Environmental Institute
(PDF Schedule)

Wallace Hall, Room 300
(12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m)
Lunch is provided starting at 11:45 a.m.

February 6, “The Polluter Pays Principle and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Climate Change: An Application of Fund

Richard Tol

Visiting Research Environmental Economist, Economics. Visiting Professor in Economics, Princeton University

Michael Otto

Professor of Sustainability and Global Change, Departments of Geosciences and Economics, Hamburg University, Hamburg, Germany

February 13, “The Internet is Broken. Please Don't Fix It” 

Edward W. Felten

Professor of Computer Science and Public Affairs. Director, Center of Information Technology Policy, Princeton University

February 20, "Seasonality, Weather, and Acute Commnicable Disease"
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David N. Fisman MD, MPH

Assistant Professor, Drexel University School of Public Health, Visiting Research Scholar, Woodrow Wilson School and the Center for Health and Well-Being

February 27, “Global Trends in World Fisheries: Impacts on Marine Ecosystems and Food Security” 

Daniel Pauly

Professor and Director of the Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia

March 6, “The Daily Planet: Life on the Troubled Interface Between the Climate and the Media

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Andrew N. Revkin

Science Reporter, The New York Times

March 13, “The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative: An Agreement Among the Northeastern U.S. States”

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Samuel Wolfe

Assistant Commissioner, N.J. Department of Environmental Protection

March 20 - Fall Break

March 27, “Biosecurity and Globalization of the Life Sciences ” 

Christopher Chyba

Professor of Astrophysical Sciences and International Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University

April 3, “Framing the Post-Kyoto Debate: Options for Climate Policy after 2012”

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Jonathan Pershing

Director, Climate, Energy and Pollution Program, World Resources Institute.

April 10, “Effectiveness of Market Mechanisms for Wetland Conservation” 

Smita Brunnermeier

Lecturer, Department of Economics, Princeton University

April 17, "Environmental Justice and Risk Assessment: Is There Any Common Ground?”

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Jonathan Levy

Mark and Catherine Winkler Assistant Professor of Environmental Health and Risk Assessment
Departments of Environmental Health and Health Policy and Management, Harvard School of Public Health

April 24, “Modeling Synergies and Tradeoffs Between Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and Air Pollution Control”

Markus Amann

Leader, Transboundary Air Pollution Program and co-leader of IIASA’s Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Director, the Centre for Integrated Assessment Modelling (CIAM) of the European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (EMEP).

May 1, “Climate Change and the Role of Technology” 

Nebojsa Nakicenovic

Professsor of Energy Economics Technologies Power Systems and Energy Economics, Vienna University

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