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Spring Schedule 2009

February 9th 2009, "Leaders, Laggards, and Institutional Influence"
Ronald B. Mitchell

(co-sponsored with the Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance)

February 16th, "The Role of Regulations in the Development of Agricultural Biotechnology"
Shanthu Shantharam

February 23rd, "The Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) as Generative Frame: Global Networks, Contested Science, and Epistemic Brokers"
Ron Herring

March 2nd, "Conflict Resolution Between Civil Society, Corporations, Governments and Banks On Large Scale Development Projects'"
Burt Singer

March 9th, "Biogeochemisry and Environmental Change - The Role of Basic Science in Policy"
Lars Hedin,

Spring Break - March 15 thru March 22

March 23rd, "Airborne Particulates and Environmental Regulation"
Majid Ezzati, 

March 30th, "Synthetic Biology"
Ron Weiss

April 6th,  - There will be no STEP seminar on this date

April 16th, "Climate Risks vs. Economic Risks"
Cedric Philibert

Senior Consultant,  International Energy Agency ( IEA)

(Please note:  this seminar will be held on Thursday in Bowl #2 Robertson Hall 11:45a - 1p)


April 20th, "America's Energy Future: The Technological Options Available, 2010 - 2035"
Harold Shapiro

President of the University, Emeritus. Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University.

April 27th, "Agbiotechnology In India: Science and Regulation Issues"
Dr. Suman Sahai

May 4th, " UN Climate Change Negotiations: Is a Deal Possible in Copenhagen?"
Ko Barrett

Deputy Director, Climate Program Office, NOAA

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