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OIT is pleased to announce that a unified messaging service called Tiger Voice is now available for all students. Tiger Voice provides you with your own unique telephone number, unifies your voicemail and email, and is a great way for you to stay connected with other students and faculty. Your Tiger Voice number begins with 609-673-XXXX; the last four digits are unique to you and will remain with you for the duration of your stay at Princeton University. 

 Your Unified Messaging Tiger Voice number will:

• forward all voice mail to your email inbox

• allow you to forward incoming calls to your mobile phone

• appear in the online student directory

• help you stay connected with other students and faculty while keeping your cell number private

What to expect with Tiger Voice?

All Students will receive a welcome message in their University email late August stating what their new Tiger Voice number will be. At this point your number will be active for faculty, family and fellow students to call to get in touch with you.  It will forward directly to your voicemail so callers can leave you a message. This message will then be delivered as an audio file to your University email account.  As an added feature you can forward your Tiger Voice number to your cell phone (using Call Answering Rules) to give you a chance to answer the call before going to voicemail.  This will allow you to stay connected with all of your contacts without having to give out your cell number to everyone.  Just hand out your 609-673-XXXX, Tiger Voice number, and stay connected while keeping your cell number private.

Please Note:  every dormitory room has an active jack for emergency and local calls. You will need to purchase your own phone to utilize this basic service.  If you want your Tiger Voice number installed in your dormitory room to have a complete local and long distance calling telephone, please make a request using this Tiger Voice Request form providing your dorm location and new Tiger Voice number.

If you have questions about Tiger Voice, email or call Telephone Support at 258-HELP (4357)


Where can I get help with Tiger Voice?

Call 258-4357 (8-HELP)


Send email to