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International Calling for Less


The University has partnered with MobileSphere to bring you CellularLD.  CellularLD is a prepaid domestic and international calling service. The service enables you to place calls from a residence, mobile phone, any off-campus phone throughout the continental United States, and from 16 countries for as low as 4 cents per minute.

Click here to get started with CellularLD.

AT&T Package for International Students

International students can get service from AT&T with no deposit. To sign up for new service with a waived deposit for international students, bring your student ID, passport and student e-mail address to the AT&T store are: 3373 US Highway 1, Lawrenceville NJ. Click here for more information.

For tablet plans click here.

AT&T's Study Abroad Package

This study abroad package is a collection of voice & data roaming packages which provide tremendous value for students traveling or studying overseas for extended periods. These plans are an affordable and convenient alternative to prepaid phones from multiple overseas carriers, and allow students to continue using their domestic smartphone phone number. Click here to learn more!