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OIT Training and Documentation Services

Training and Documentation Services (TDS) is a part of OIT's department of Organizational Effectiveness and Strategic Initiatives, and provides the following services:

  • Training
    • University business applications (such as Purchasing, Curriculum Management, Labor Accounting, etc.)
    • General business applications (such as Office, Acrobat, Roxen, etc.)
    • Collaborative business applications (such as SharePoint, MS Lync, iLink, etc.)
    • Business Technology Certificate Program
  • Documentation:
    • quick reference cards
    • online help
    • interactive demos
    • instructional videos
    • user guides
  • Training needs analysis
  • Custom curriculum development & delivery
  • Employee Learn Center administration and support
  • Research and coordination of professional development for OIT staff

Tip of the Week

Do you have a PowerPoint presentation that keeps freezing up, or seems overly large? You can get rid of digital clutter that gathers throughout your edits and may compromise your file by tricking PowerPoint into treating your file like a new file.

To do this, use Save As to save your file with a new name. If you need to keep the same name for the file, delete the original file, and then you can re-open the new file and save it again with the old name.

To keep PowerPoint from accumulating unnecessary temporary data going forward, select Tools > Options and click on the Save tab. Then deselect the Allow Fast Saves check box and click OK.

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