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Need Access to Business Applications?

If you don't yet have access to the business application you need, you must complete and submit an access request form for the desired application. This form is submitted to the business owner, who can grant you access with the necessary authorizations.

The following business applications require an access request form:

Request access* to...
If you need to...
PeopleSoft (PS) Campus Community view information on University constituents
PS Curriculum Management System maintain course information, classroom assignments, and CAFSIS information.
PS Financial System process or receive purchases, track radioactive inventory, maintain accounts payable, General Ledger journal vouchers, or budgets
PS Graduate Admissions view applicant data, enter department admission decisions, assign rank order, and recommend a level of support.
PS Web Grading enter or approve grades online
PS HCM (Human Capital Management, formerly HRMS) access data in the Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits systems.
PS Student Records view or update student information, such as name, address, class or cohort year, degree program, and department; enter and approve grades; or use StuView.
Time Collection enter or approve time for bi-weekly, casual hourly, or student employees.
Labor Accounting enter or approve the distribution of charges for compensation or support of individuals in a department or working on a project, certify salaries for projects, or review and update the teaching budget for your department
Information Warehouse and DataMall generate and view reports on detailed and summary information in such areas as Financial Aid, ORPA, E-Commerce, Facilities, Undergraduate Housing, Stripes, Financial transactions, and Telephone information.
Princeton Market Place make purchases from strategically chosen contract vendors with whom the campus has conducted a high number of small dollar transactions.
Resource 25 schedule events, meetings, and course sessions, and assign rooms or spaces for scheduled events.

* You'll find all the access forms in the KnowledgeBase article #9225.