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Guidelines for Department Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies

Note: The responsibilities of a position vary widely from department to department. The following list of functions is merely a guideline to the activities and applications you may need.

Functions     Applications Available Training     
Available Documentation
Schedule and update undergraduate courses PeopleSoft Curriculum Management

CAP/CUP for New Users

CAP/CUP Refresher

Quick Steps Guide and Quick Reference cards

Interactive demos: Click Help in PeopleSoft

Enter grades PeopleSoft Student Records

PeopleSoft Grading

Quick Steps Guide andQuick Reference card

Interactive demos: Click Help in PeopleSoft

Maintain student records (sample functions include: print transcripts, display records). PeopleSoft Student Records

PeopleSoft Student Records

Quick Steps Guide

Interactive demos: Click Help in PeopleSoft

Print and review reports Information Warehouse

Accessing Your Project Grant Statements, Tracking Expenses and Creating Electronic II's

General Ledger Journal Browses & Reference Info in the Information Warehouse

Info Warehouse: Accessing Time Collection, Registrar, Labor Accounting & Telephone Reports

Budget Analysis - Learning to Filter, Sort, Subtotal, and Create Pivot Tables with your Financial Data

Quick Reference cards