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Business Technology Certificate Program

The Business Technology Certificate Program is currently on hiatus while we accomplish a program redesign. We expect to announce registration dates for 2015 in January.  Please read the program description on this page and visit our FAQ and Curriculum pages to learn more about the program.

Would you like to use technology with greater confidence? Do you ever wonder if there is a better, faster way to put technology to work? Do you ever feel alone as you wrestle with a technology problem? If your answer is yes, OIT has a program that can help you.
Our Business Technology Certificate Program is an employee development opportunity that prepares support staff to use a variety of technology tools to facilitate their departments’ work. Through this personalized, multi-year curriculum, you will gain experience with everything from creating documents to building web sites. The program culminates in a certificate of business technology proficiency.

What Are the Benefits?

The program will allow you to earn a valuable credential, increase your level of skill and confidence in using technology, and acquire the ongoing support of a “shared experience” community of program alumni.

The program benefits your manager and department by promoting more efficient and effective use of technology. It also offers a cost-free and Princeton-based way to develop and recognize employees and to increase technology collaboration and teamwork among support staff.

What's Involved?

The program involves not only classroom participation, but also on-the-job activities, which are identified with input from your manager. Your manager also contributes feedback on completed activities.

To earn the certificate, you will be asked to attend approximately 60 hours of classroom training, complete approximately 30 hours of on-the-job activities, and submit a final portfolio of those activities. These requirements must be completed within three years of entering the program. To participate, you must have your manager’s approval, and she or he must agree to provide ongoing input and feedback.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Please visit our FAQ page for more details concerning the program and our Curriculum page for class descriptions.