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What's needed to complete the certificate and how long will it take?

The curriculum provides for approximately 60 hours of classroom training,  a variety of  on-the-job activities, and a final project. It includes an orientation, four foundation courses, seven program courses and two elective courses. A participant must complete the curriculum and final project within three years of beginning the program. You will find  a detailed list of courses and descriptions on the Curriculum page.
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Who is eligible to participate in this program?

Any support staff or administrative employee who would like to expand their technology skills while earning a valuable professional credential is invited to participate.
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Do I need my manager's approval to participate?

Yes. The program requires an investment of time and effort on your part to attend classes and complete activities, and also on the part of your manager to help you select activitiesand then provide you with feedback on their completion. It is important that you and your manager discuss and agree on these commitments before beginning the program. Your manager will also be asked to attend a program orientation.
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What does the curriculum look like?

The Curriculum page contains a detailed list of courses and descriptions.
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When are classes going to be held?

Classes are offered on a quarterly schedule throughout the year. Classes are offered in a variety of timeframes, on varied days of the week and in both AM and PM time slots.
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Is there a deadline for applying to this program?

The Business Technology Certificate Program is currently on hiatus while we accomplish a program redesign. We expect to announce registration dates for 2015 in January.  Please read the program description on this page and visit our FAQ and Curriculum pages to learn more about the program.

I have previously taken desktop application classes from OIT and/or outside sources. Can they be counted towards the certificate in lieu of some of the required courses?

The courses within the certificate curriculum are designed to provide a more business-oriented approach to using desktop applications than is typical in commonly offered courses, and they require follow-up on the-job activities.  Success with the final project is dependent on both completing the specific courses and participating in the on-the-job activities. In order to achieve the certificate, the program course requirements must be met by attending the classes and completing the on-the-job activities regardless of prior training taken.
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Can you tell me more about the on-the-job activities and final project?

Throughout the program, as you complete courses, you will be asked to apply what you have learned in on-the-job activities. Your manager can recommend an activity, or you may have one in mind that you can discuss with your manager. You will keep notes and examples from these activities as material for your final project. 

At the end of the program series, you will be asked to submit a portfolio of the activities that you have completed, along with a brief summary of the feedback on them that you received from your manager.

The program can take up to three years to complete. What happens if the technology changes before I complete the certificate?

Technology updates will be incorporated into the curriculum as the University adopts them. For classes that you have already completed, update workshops and demonstrations will be offered to keep you current with new software tools and techniques.
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What happens if the technology changes after I complete the certificate - how will I keep my skills current?

Update forums, demonstrations and ongoing new elective courses will be offered to update you on new technology after you complete your certificate. 
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Why was this program created?

The Business Certificate was initiated by the Training and Documentation Services group from the Office of Information Technology (OIT/TDS) in response to needs collected from University support staff during training events, comments on training evaluation forms, conversations with SCAD staff and other departmental computer support staff, and focus groups and interviews associated with the OIT Strategic Planning Process.

The goals of the program are to meet these needs with a structured technology training opportunity that increases participants’ capability and confidence in working with technology, fosters technology collaboration and teamwork, and nurtures a “shared-experience” community among support staff.

How was this program created?

The program design began in September of 2007 with a presentation to the Princeton University Training Team (PUTT), followed by the recruitment of a program Steering Committee made up of managers and support staff from across the University. The committee began meeting in December of 2007 to develop the foundation for the program. Together these fifteen committee members developed program functional requirements and a curriculum needs analysis, conducted a support staff survey and manager focus groups, and concluded a high-level curriculum design.

A pilot of the program was initiated in March of 2009. Twelve individuals completed the pilot, providing feedback and recommendations on the structure and content of the curriculum.
To date, 23 program participants have graduated and received their certificates. 

Who can I contact if I have other questions about this program?

Please send any questions you have about the Business Technology Certificate Program to Jeanne Mrak

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