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User Documentation

Documentation is available online in support of a selection of  University business and other applications.

Note: Access to some documents is restricted to authorized faculty and staff members. You may need to authenticate by entering your user ID, in the format PRINCETON/netID, and your network password.

Select the type of application for which you want documentation:

For Students:

TigerHub & Course Planner

Employee Help for Time Collection - online information about entering your working hours into Time Collection

Using the First Term Academic Planning Form tip sheet

For Faculty:

The Faculty Teaching and Advising web site provides all the information you need online.

If you are managing section enrollment for your classes through PeopleSoft, you can find three short videos on the Sectioning for Faculty page.

There is also a video available for Freshman Advising.

Printable documents:

The Faculty Teaching and Advising brochure. If you need help printing an 11x17" brochure, see Printing an 11x17" Brochure.

Managing Section Enrollment in PeopleSoft Quick Reference Card

Advising Notes Dashboard Quick Reference Card

First Term Freshman Advising Quick Reference Card

Freshman Advising: What the Student Sees QRC