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Labor Accounting Documentation

The Labor Accounting documentation is provided as online help, accessible from within the application. You can print individual topics directly from the online help. However, if you would  like to print larger sections of the documentation, you can display a PDF version of any of the following chapters, and print all or part of the chapter from Acrobat Reader.

A PDF file of the entire document is also available, if you want to pirnt the whole thing at once.

Note: Some of these chapters are lengthy. If your printer has a duplex setting, you will want to be sure to select that setting when printing these chapters.

Quick Reference cards are also available in PDF format.

You can also see a list of Labor Accounting Reports available in the Information Warehouse, with a brief description of each report.

Labor Accounting Chapters

  • Table of Contents
  • About Labor Accounting - introduces the Labor Accounting application, lists the new features, and describes Labor Accounting security.
  • Getting Started - Describes how to access Labor Accounting, how to obtain authorization, how to change your user profile, and how to exit from Labor Accounting.
  • Locating Personnel on the General Browse Page - Describes the General Browse page, the Search Criteria panel, and the personnel list, and explains how to use them to locate personnel.
  • Maintaining Graduate Student Support - Describes each of the pages used to enter graduate student support, and explains how to set tuition amounts, enter enrollment events when needed, enter external support and internal support, copy distributions from another student, copy support from the contract, and terminate support.
  • Maintaining Distributions for Faculty & Staff - Describes each of the pages used to maintain distributions for faculty and staff, and explains how to add and delete distribution periods, add or change project/grant distributions, add summer salaries, and copy distributions.
  • Working on Projects - Describes the Project Browse page, the Search Criteria panel, and the project summary, and explains how to change project distributions and add a person to a project.
  • Effort Certification - Explains what effort certification is, and when it's needed. Describes the Effort Certification Browse page, and how to review or certify effort for a each person charged to a project. This chapter also explains what to do if you make changes in Labor Accounting that will require re-certification, and describes the effort certification reports available from Labor Accounting.
  • Viewing and Editing Your Teaching Budget - Describes the Teaching Budget Browse page, explains how to edit commitments in your teaching budget, and describes the teaching budget reports available from the Teaching Budget Browse page.
  • Saving, Approving, and Other Common Functions - Explains how to save and authorize changes, back out changes, use the Calendar and Find Project windows, add a vacancy or template, use a template, and print distribution data.
  • Viewing Other Data - Explains how to view comments and status.
  • Glossary - Provides a brief explanation of specialized terms used in Labor Accounting.
  • Index

Labor Accounting Quick Reference Cards

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Labor Accounting Information Warehouse Quick Reference Cards

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