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PeopleSoft Applications

PeopleSoft documentation includes any combination of quick reference cards, brochures, user guides, online help, and interactive demos. The online help and interactive demos are usually available directly from the application, and the printed documents are usually distributed at training sessions.

If you missed the training sessions, or none have been offered since you began to use the application, you can access and print documentation for the following PeopleSoft components yourself:

Tip! If you are having trouble with any web-based application, you may need to clear your cache.

To see if your browser is supported for using PeopleSoft, see the KnowledgeBase article #9449.

You can also display interactive demos for any procedure by clicking the Help link on the page for which you need help in PeopleSoft.

For Students:

SCORE Online Help - online information about enrolling in courses

Student Guide to SCORE - information in PDF format on using SCORE

Using the First Term Academic Planning Form - one page tip sheet on planning for first term course enrollment

For Faculty:

The Faculty Teaching and Advising web site provides all the information you need online.

If you are managing section enrollment for your classes through PeopleSoft, you can find three short videos on the Sectioning for Faculty page.

A video on Freshman Advising is also available.

Printable Documents:

The Faculty Teaching and Advising brochure. If you need help printing an 11x17" brochure, see Printing an 11x17" Brochure.

The Managing Section Enrollment in PeopleSoft Quick Reference Card.

The Advising Notes Dashboard Quick Reference Card.

The First Term Freshman Advising Quick Reference Card

The Freshman Advising: What the Student Sees Quick Reference Card