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Financials Information Warehouse Reports

The Information Warehouse contains many useful reports on PeopleSoft Financials transactions and data. The reports are grouped in several folders, based on the type of data included in the reports:

  • Departmental Financial Statements (Project Grant Statements and Sponsored Project Reports) contain information about your department's budget and expenses, for a specific project/grant and time period, or summary information about all project grants in your department. These reports are found in the Departmental Reports folder.
  • Transaction reports provide a broader spectrum of information about financial transactions across projects and time periods, and are grouped into folders according to the type of transaction: Accounts Payable (AP) transactions; Purchasing (PO) transactions; General Ledger (GL) transactions;, and Departmental Charges, E-Commerce and Visa transactions.
  • Reference reports provide information about such items as chartfields, accounting codes and periods, contacts, sources, vendors, and security profiles, and are grouped into several different folders.

The following pages provide additional information:

New for Financial Managers! You may want to use the Financial Manager Portal to the Information Warehouse. This portal offers a single point of access to the most commonly used reports, financial announcement and deadlines, contact information, other financial systems links. For information on the Financial Manager Portal, see the Our Systems page of the Office of Finance and Treasury website.

Quick Reference Cards for Financial Reports

For instructions on printing an 11x17" quick reference brochure, see Printing an 11x17" Brochure.

Note: For a complete list of documentation for PeopleSoft Financials, see the PeopleSoft Financials page.


If you can't find a report in the right folder

There may be more reports in the folder than your default number of entries will show on one page. Set your default number of entries to a number higher than 25:

  1. Click the My Area arrow (next to the little person icon) in the orange toolbar, and select My Preferences.
  2. Change the Number of entries in list view to a number between 25 and 35.