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Purchasing Manual Chapters

If you don't want to print the entire Purchasing Guide, you can select and print only those chapters you want:

  • Table of Contents
  • The Purchasing Process - introduces the PeopleSoft Financials application, explains the purchasing processes, and notes the changes introduced in version 8.4. (Updated 9/2012)
  • The PS Financials System - Explains how to sign in and out, provides navigation tips and techniques, explains the Financials menus and page groups, explains how to use the search features, and describes how to personalize the application and set profile information. This section also includes a list of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Placing an Order - Explains how to create requisitions and purchase orders including express POs, how to determine the status of an order, how to print requestions and POs, and explains additional special purchasing processes. (Updated 9/2012)
  • Receiving - Explains the receiving process, and describes how to acknowledge receipt of an order, view information on received items and other information about a receiver, change distributions when you receive an item, and cancel a receiver. (Updated 9/2012)
  • Change Orders - Explains what changes can and cannot be made on POs, then describes how to change information on a PO. This chapter also explains how to cancel a PO.
  • Approving Reqs and POs - Explains budget checking, and describes how to approve orders from the worklist.
  • Administrative Processing - Explains encumbrances, and describes how to close a PO to release an encumbrance.
  • EIIs - Explains what an EII is, and describes the steps to process one. (Updated 9/2012)
  • Inquiries - Explains how to find out information about requisitions, POs, receivers, and payment processing exceptions.
  • Reporting - Describes the types of reports you can generate from the application, and explains how to run them.
  • Viewing Your Payments - Explains how to access and view your payments and verify your address and bank information.
  • Radioisotope Tracking and Inventory Procedures - Describes RITA, explains maintaining your user inventory, and describes how to make inquiries about vials, requisitions, and inventory.
  • Appendix A - System Codes
  • Appendix B - Requisition and PO Statuses
  • Appendix C - Budget Checking Messages
  • Index

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