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How to Get Here

Sign for 701 Carnegie Center, Princeton University

Access to 701 Carnegie is easy, by car or TigerTransit shuttle.

If you are already parked on campus, you can take the shuttle to 701 Carnegie. There's a dedicated line that runs from 701 Carnegie to the Chapel and Firestone Library, with stops at the Helm building, Goheen Walk, Clio Hall and Firestone Library. On the return trip to 701, the shuttle also stops at 693 Alexander Road.The shuttle departs 701 Carnegie on the hour and half-hour; it departs the Chapel/Firestone stop at 15 minutes past and 45 minutes past the hour. You can see where the 701 shuttle is at any time from your computer or mobile device with the TigerTracker, which shows real-time bus locations!

If you come by car, there's plenty of parking, with visitor slots in preferred locations. Check out the map for directions.