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Client Systems Support

Mission and Goals

It is the mission of OIT Client Systems Support to:

  • To provide Tier II client systems field support services to the administrative and academic campus community.
  • To assist departments to determine computing needs.
  • To work closely with other groups within OIT to provide economical, efficient and accurate client systems support services.
  • To assist with the delivery and implementation of the Faculty and Research Computer programs.
  • To provide field assistance with special OIT projects.
  • To provide backup SCAD/DCS departmental assistance.
  • Manage workstations in the Princeton Domain.
  • Provide client systems support for students, faculty and staff at the OIT Solutions Center Tech Clinic in Frist during normal University business hours.

Current Projects

  • Provide full support for ~3000 DeSC machines (both proactive and reactive).
  • Provide Crashplan backup and restore assistance for Windows and Macintosh platforms.
  • Document and the Windows image creation process for both DeSC, FCP, and Non-DeSC.
  • Document the update the setup and replacement of a DeSC machines (the entire process).
  • Document the Mac OS X image creation process.
  • Support and maintenance of the OIT computer training classrooms. 
  • Support and maintenance of the CIAB project (Classroom in a box).
  • Online reports for support staff on DeSC machines, TSM backups and Active Directory machine information.
  • McAfee workstation client technical support and client installers.
  • Assistance with computer security and removal of hacks/attacks from Windows computers.
  • Setup of mobile devices
  • Work in conjunction with Windows Systems to automate software deployment and machine policies.
  • Create and support application packages for DeSC for SCCM and Active Directory deployment
  • Monitor the DeSC Keyserver.