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IT Needs Analysis Service

What does the IT Needs Analysis Service offer?

A Needs Analysis is a specialized consultation aimed at supporting the desktop computing needs of a University department or employee. A needs analysis determines how desktop technology can optimize the operation of a department or the daily tasks of an individual employee. The needs analysis presents current computer technology and recommended needs in order to comply with the University's mission of computer standardization.  

It is important to realize that a Needs Analysis is the foundation to assist with the future needs in today's desktop computing environment. 

What is the cost of an IT Needs Analysis?

A Needs Analysis is a service provided by Software Support at no cost to the members and departments of the University. 

What is involved in the process?

The Needs Analysis process can be summarized as follows:

  1. Identify goals - Software Support will contact the customer to find what their expectations are for the Needs Analysis.
  2. Complete an assessment - Software Support will observe/document the department's or individual's current IT environment, including hardware, software, printing and networking needs. Software Support will also assess the administrative tasks performed by the office and determine how the tasks can be performed electronically (i.e. scanning).
  3. Research - Software Support will research and obtain the associated costs for hardware, software, printing and networking options.
  4. Document recommendations - Software Support will prepare written documentation containing recommendations that meet University standards as well as the department or individual's needs.

How to request an IT Needs Analysis?

You can request an IT Needs Analysis by calling the OIT Help Desk at 258-HELP (4357) or by completing the IT Needs Analysis request form.