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Meet Me Conferencing

A conference call for six or fewer people may be set up by using the conference feature on your  telephone set. The set may be either be a multi-line or single-line phone.

Meet-Me Conference Call Request Form

Conference calls may be arranged for up to 30 parties.
Please allow 1 business day whenever possible.

You will receive a directory number for a conference bridge if one has not been previously assigned.

As an added service, Toll Free (800) numbers are available for your conferees within the United States and Canada. This is not available for international calls. You will need to provide us your account number as the department will be billed for the minutes used.

The directory number for the meet-me conference must be transmitted to members of the future conference.

The first member dialing into the conference will only hear ringing until another caller dials into the conference. At that time the ringing will stop and the two parties will be able to talk to each other.

As conferees are added, a tone will be heard to indicate that a party has been added to the call. This allows any conferee to check the "roll call" and insure that only desired parties are involved in the conference call and maintain an orderly list of participants.

As conferees leave the conference, a confirmation tone will be received by all conferees to confirm that there has been a change in the number of participants.