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Princeton TigerTV

TigerTV is Princeton University's campus cable TV service. 
For a subscription fee, you'll receive HDTV programming from ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox. And you'll get  digital music from Sirius, Comedy Central, 24-hour news and weather, 8 channels of sports,  plus movies, science and history.
Limited basic cable channels are provided at no charge. There's no need to subscribe to this service.

Service Notices

  • HDTV is here for Total TigerTV subscribers!  Scan your TV (see our "Having Trouble?" page for help):
    • 2.1 (CBS NY)
    • 3.1 (CBS Phila)
    • 4.1 (NBC NY)
    • 5.1 (FOX NY)
    • 6.1 (ABC Phila)
    • 29.1 (FOX Phila)
  • TigerTV now has only one paid service level: Total TigerTV, which includes all available channels
  • See our TigerTV lineup for recent channel and service changes
  • If you need a coax cable, please visit the OIT Solutions Center in Frist

Note: TigerTV is not available in 27-29 Edwards, Butler Tract, or Lawrence, Stanworth, or Millstone Apartments. For cable service in these buildings, please contact Comcast.