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Subscribe to TigerTV

Subscribing to TigerTV service is easy. It's online. All you need is your University ID and password.


There's no need to subscribe to Basic TigerTV. This free service is automatically available in all dorm rooms.

You can activate Total TigerTV service for any wallbox in your room. Each wallbox must have a separate request and its own subscription. Use our online subscription application to help you choose the wallboxes you want to subscribe.

Service is activated within seven days of your request. We'll send you e-mail when your subscription has been activated.  

Subscriptions are for the full year only. Fees are prorated from date of activation and are billed one time to student accounts. Mid-year cancellations are not accepted.

Note: Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers are recommended. If you are off campus, you will need to use the Princeton Virtual Private Network (VPN) to subscribe. For details see, How do I connect to University online resources from off campus?