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Social Awareness

Princeton University is committed to ensuring that Princeton Licensed Products are produced in factories that institute fair labor standards. Princeton is a participating member of the Fair Labor Association and the Worker Rights Consortium.

Fair Labor Association (FLA)
The Fair Labor Association is an organization whose mission is to combine the efforts of business, civil society organizations, and colleges and universities to promote and protect workers’ rights and to improve working conditions globally through adherence to international standards.

Trademark licensees of Princeton University must abide by the FLA Code of Conduct, which Princeton has adopted.

More information about the FLA may be found at: FLA. New companies may register online.

Worker Rights Consortium (WRC)
The Worker Rights Consortium is an independent labor rights monitoring organization, conducting investigations of working conditions in factories around the globe. Its purpose is to combat sweatshops and protect the rights of workers who make apparel and other products.

More information about the WRC may be found at: WRC.

The Trademark Licensing Office (TML) receives samples of products from vendors for quality control purposes. TML partners with campus programs and initiatives, whose efforts are aimed at supporting those in need in the community, by donating these samples for that purpose.

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