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The Office of Trademark Licensing (TML) serves as the clearinghouse for the use of Princeton University trademarks/logos in the creation of consumer products, including promotional items. TML also serves as the contact point for department trademark registration requests and inquiries.

General Guidelines
Campus departments and student organizations should use only authorized licensed vendors when sourcing products that feature any Princeton trademarks. Please see list of of Current Products by Approved Licensee.

Licensed vendors are required to submit product designs to TML for review and approval prior to the manufacture and distribution of products. TML communicates with licensees and campus departments as needed to ensure that product design concepts meet Princeton University’s graphic identity guidelines.

Use of Princeton University’s trademarks must be consistent with the Guide to Princeton University’s Graphic Identity or the Athletics/Spirit Identity Style Guide. Consistent use is important for the legal protection of the marks and to promote a consistent brand message. Click here for detailed information on the Princeton University Graphic Identity systems.

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