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Trademark Licensing
 Princeton Trademar Licensing Overview & Policies
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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is a trademark and how are trademarks protected?
  2. What are Princeton University’s trademarks?
  3. Why are the “®” and “TM” notices used?
  4. What is a licensee?
  5. What is a license agreement and who do I contact to inquire about the Princeton University Trademark Licensing Program?
  6. Why use a licensed vendor?
  7. How do I recognize officially Licensed Products?
  8. Is the Princeton University Seal permitted to be used on Licensed Products?
  9. What are the Licensed Products under the Princeton University Trademark Licensing Program?
  10. Are there any items that Princeton University will not license?
  11. May I use Princeton’s name; trademarks or logos on a custom-made gift?
  12. Who do I contact for other Princeton University intellectual property matters?
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