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Excluded Items

The following items are excluded from Princeton’s Trademark Licensing Program and may not be used with any of Princeton University’s trademarks or logos:

  1. Items for official Princeton business purposes and official Princeton ceremonies, including, but are not limited to, stationery, business cards, directories and official reports
  2. Items such as personal bank checks and address labels
  3. Princeton Letter Sweater
  4. Alcoholic beverages
  5. Tobacco and smoking products
  6. Food products
  7. Sexually oriented goods
  8. Healthcare products and toiletries
  9. Goods related to gambling, lotteries, sweepstakes
  10. Religious or burial goods
  11. Products of a political nature
  12. Education-related products
  13. Goods including names or pictures of current students (i.e., athletes, movie stars, etc.)
  14. Services of any kind (i.e. moving companies, area entertainment programs or tour services)
  15. Advertising or promotional literature of any kind
  16. Goods making unfavorable references to race, religion, sex, national origins or handicaps
  17. Firearms and weapons
  18. Products in "poor taste", including bathroom products
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