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Council on Science and Technology


Bonnie L. Bassler

Executive Committee

Bonnie L. Bassler, Molecular Biology

Manjul Bhargava, Mathematics

D. Graham Burnett, History

Naomi E. Leonard, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Sharad Malik, Electrical Engineering

James Richardson,  English, Creative Writing

Paul J. Steinhardt, Physics

The Council on Science and Technology, in cooperation with the science and engineering departments, fosters the teaching of science and technology courses for nonscience students. A principal responsibility of the council is to encourage the development of high-quality courses in which undergraduates in the humanities and social sciences can satisfy the University science distribution requirement. The council assists faculty members in developing new courses and revising existing ones and encourages the exchange of ideas and experiences among faculty members teaching science to nonscience students.

The council also supports upper-level courses in science and technology that address cultural and societal issues. In addition to courses taught by Princeton faculty members, it sponsors courses taught by distinguished scientists from other institutions. 

In addition, every science department has courses that fulfill the science and technology area requirement (as indicated by an ST designation). There are also science and technology courses that do not satisfy the science requirement that might be of interest to nonscience students. Refer to Course Offerings and the council's website.


STC 349 Science Journalism (also JRN 349)   Spring SA

This course will help students (science majors and non-majors alike) to develop their skill at writing about science and technology for non-technical readers. Through class discussion, analysis of published writing, and especially through extensive writing exercises, participants will learn to present complex information with both clarity and style. Prerequisite: fulfillment of the writing requirement. One three-hour seminar. M. Lemonick

STC 398 Health and Human Rights in the World Community   Not offered this year SA

This seminar will examine the relationship between health and human rights. It will provide an overview of human rights violations in the world today and an analysis of their health consequences. The course will consider how individual and community health can be improved by protecting and promoting human rights. It will also evaluate the role of health professionals in caring for victims of human rights abuses, documenting the health consequences of human rights violations, and participating in human rights advocacy and education. One three-hour seminar. A. Keller

STC 460 Diseases in Children: Causes, Costs, and Choices (see MOL 460)