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Program in Architecture and Engineering


Maria E. Garlock

Executive Committee

Sigrid M. Adriaenssens, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Lucia Allais, Architecture 

Mario I. Gandelsonas, Architecture

Maria E. Garlock, Civil and Environmental Engineering 

Axel Kilian, Architecture

Guy J. Nordenson, Architecture 

Catherine A. Peters, Civil and Environmental Engineering

James A. Smith, Civil and Environmental Engineering 

Alejandro Zaera-Polo, Architecture

The Program in Architecture and Engineering is intended for students interested in pursuing a career in architectural design or engineering design. The program includes course work and independent studies in structures and architecture, history of architecture and of structures, and studio design.

Admission to the Program

Students interested in this joint program are encouraged to consult the program director. Further information may be found under the listing of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Certificate of Proficiency

Students who fulfill the program requirements will receive a certificate of proficiency upon graduation.