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Committee for Film Studies


Jeffrey L. Stout

Executive Committee

Steven Chung, East Asian Studies

Maria A. DiBattista, English, Comparative Literature

Su Friedrich, Lewis Center for the Arts, Visual Arts

Thomas Y. Levin, German

Angel G. Loureiro, Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures

Gaetana Marrone-Puglia, French and Italian

Gideon A. Rosen, Philosophy, ex officio

Jerome Silbergeld, Art and Archaeology

P. Adams Sitney, Lewis Center for the Arts, Visual Arts

Jeffrey L. Stout, Religion

Judith L. Weisenfeld, Religion

Michael G. Wood, English, Comparative Literature

The Committee for Film Studies, under the general direction of the Council of the Humanities, encourages the interdisciplinary study of film and video. The committee coordinates courses in the programs and departments that use film or video extensively; it also coordinates, so far as is appropriate, the acquisition of videotapes and films; and it organizes the visits of filmmakers and film scholars. Interested students are invited to consult members of the committee, who will provide additional information about film and video studies within the University.

For a list of film courses at Princeton, please check the committee's website.