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Program of Freshman Seminars in the Residential Colleges


Clayton K. Marsh

Executive Committee

Bonnie Bassler, Molecular Biology

Caryl G. Emerson, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Comparative Literature

Sharad Malik, Electrical Engineering

Robert J. Wuthnow, Sociology

The Program of Freshman Seminars in the Residential College will offer approximately 70 seminars in 2011-12. These courses are designed to introduce students to the excitement and challenge of working in a small setting with a faculty member and fellow students on a topic of special interest. While freshman seminars are not required, they count as regular courses, with many fulfilling distribution requirements.

Freshman seminars present a unique opportunity for students to test ideas, learn from others, and get to know faculty members in both formal and informal settings. Emphasis is on class discussions based on readings, papers, and in-class presentations focused on the subject matter of the specific seminar.

Each freshman seminar is affiliated with a residential college and is limited to 15 students.

A brochure describing the freshman seminars offered in a given year is mailed to all entering students and is available online in early July. The application process is described in the brochure and on the program website.