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Undergraduate Information

This online publication presents the academic regulations, programs of study, and course offerings of Princeton University. Information about other important areas is available from various offices of the University, included in publications distributed to students, or found on the Princeton University website. A brief list of information sources is given below.

Admission. Visit the Admission and Aid website or contact the Admission Office by mail: Box 430, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey 08542-0430; phone: (609) 258-3060; or e-mail:

Financial Aid. Princeton’s groundbreaking financial aid program has replaced loans with grants — which do not have to be repaid — for all students who qualify for aid. Visit the Admission and Aid website, or contact the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid by mail: Box 591, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey 08542-0591; phone: (609) 258-3330; or e-mail

Housing and Dining. Information is sent to matriculants in May of each year and is available from the Undergraduate Housing Office, 5 New South, Princeton, New Jersey 08544, and the Department of Dining Services.

Student Accounts. Tuition bills are sent electronically to the student's email address using TigerPay, Princeton's electronic billing and payment system. Enrollment is required and, once enrolled, students can invite parents to receive billing notifications. Visit the Student Accounts website for more information or contact the Finance and Treasure Department, Student Accounts Office, 701 Carnegie Center, Suite 161, Princeton, New Jersey, 08540; phone (609) 258-6378; e-mail

Rights, Rules, Responsibilities. This publication lays out policies and rules with respect to accepted standards of conduct for students. It includes the constitution of the Honor Committee and a detailed account of standards governing academic integrity and behavioral conduct.