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Having Trouble?

Someone called me, but I didn’t get a missed call notification? What happened?

If the caller hangs up before your greeting starts to play, the system does not consider it a missed call, and you will not be notified. Also, the system does not send double notifications to your email; if the caller leaves a voice mail message, Outlook will send only the voice mail message, not a missed call message.

If you have turned off the Notification option to receive email missed call notifications, you will not get an email notification of any missed calls. However, if your telephone shows missed calls, they will still appear in your missed calls directory on your phone.

I turned off my away message in Outlook, but people are still getting my away message when they call me. Why wasn’t that turned off as well?

You must turn off away messages for phone calls separately from away messages for email. See “How do I turn off my extended absence (away) greeting?” for complete instructions.

I turned off my away greeting on my phone, but people are still getting my away message when they send me emails.

You cannot turn off away messages for email from your phone. Sign onto Outlook and click Yes in the Automatic Replies dialog box to turn off your email away message.

Instead of a text preview, I was notified that the voice message was too long to preview. How short does a message need to be to get a text preview, and will I get the entire voice message?

A message over 70 seconds long will not generate a text preview. The entire message will be recorded, but no text preview will be generated.

The message button on my phone will not connect to the new call-in number, even though I restarted the phone. What can I do?

Some phones cannot be reset to dial the new number until all migrations have been completed and the original number is out of service.If your phone does not automatically connect to the new number, you will need to dial 258-6747 (8-MSGS) to retrieve your messages, until the phones are rest when the migration is complete.




Where can I get help with Unified Messaging?

Open a request at


Call 258-4357 (8-HELP), and select option 4.