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Requesting UM Service

Individual and Group Mailboxes

Voice mail service can be programmed for a single user or for a group of users. To request UM voice mail service, complete and submit the form appropriate for the type of service you would like, below.

Note: Approval from your telephone coordinator is required before submitting your request for voice mail service.

Service type
Request form
voice mailbox
A single voice mailbox that is assigned to one user.
voice mailbox

A voice mailbox that is shared by multiple users. Group mailboxes can have up to nine individual voice mailboxes attached.

Group Voice Mailbox Request

Your request will be processed within 1-4 business days. When your voice mail account has been activated, you will receive an e-mail confimation that contains your voice mail setup instructions.

Departmental Menus

Would you like to reduce call traffic to a particular person answering the phone for your department? Have callers hear pre-recorded information? Accept donations 24X7? There are many call processing applications on campus that satisfy these exact needs for customers. Many are familiar with different voice menus around campus that provide callers options to press in order to hear information or reach a destination.  

An example of Campus Departments that use call processing are:

Athletic Ticket Office: 609-258-3538

Broadcast Center: 609-258-7872

Firestone Library: 609-258-6668

Our staff will meet with you to determine your needs, design and recommend a call processing work flow and assist with recordings and staff training. If you would like to schedule an appointment for needs analysis, click this link and complete our online form:

To see all of our Telephone service forms please visit:  Service Forms