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Butler Apartments


What you need to know about the Butler Apartments:

  • All units are unfurnished except for a gas or electric stove, a refrigerator, an automatic gas hot water heater and a gas space heater.
  • Please check the current rates for the different rents on the 36 small and 268 large apartments.
  • Window dimensions are:  31 1⁄8 inches wide  x  52 1⁄2 inches high.  There are 12 barrier-free apartments throughout the complex.
  • The monthly rates at Butler include water and internet costs.  Gas, heat, electricity, telephone and cable are not included in the rates.  Residents must pay for heat and all utilities except water.  All residents of Butler should contact PSE&G to setup a utility account.
  • Coin-operated laundry is available and washing machines are not permitted in the units.
  • Parking is available but permits are required and may be obtained at the University’s Transportation and Parking Services.
  • Pets are permitted at Butler Apartments; they must be licensed and tagged with their owner’s name and address with the Housing Office and also be in compliance with all applicable laws. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.
  • Each apartment includes internet access.

NOTE: There are some Butler units that have electric utilities included.  They are:

Butler Apartments with Electric Included
401C Butler Ave. 218A Harrison
409A Butler Ave. 228A Harrison
406A Devereux 218E King St.
414D Devereux 222F King St.
417B Devereux 217C Marshall St.
218E Eisenhower 218F Marshall St.
222F Eisenhower 225C Marshall St.
218C Halsey St. 226E Marshall St.
226H Halsey St.  

Apartment Dimensions

NOTE: These measurements are estimated measurements

Butler Committee

The Butler Committee is an organization of current residents.  It plans many of the social functions held each year for students, spouses and children.  It also represents the interests of Butler residents to the Housing Department.  Periodically each semester the committee publishes a newsletter with information regarding events and developments.  New residents are encouraged to join the Butler Committee.

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Butler Complex Map

Community Room

  • The meeting room is located at 408 Butler Avenue adjacent to the laundry room.  You may gain entrance using the combination lock.  Contact the Housing Office for the code.  To reserve the Community Room, contact a member of the Butler Committee.

Computer Cluster

  • There is a secured OIT computer cluster at Marshall 226F.  There are eight PCs in this cluster for use by Butler residents.  Please contact the Housing Office for the entry door access code.  Each Butler apartment is equipped with an internet connection.

Playground and Recreation

  • Play areas are provided for children and maintained by the Housing Department.  The University does not provide supervision.  Please report any unsafe conditions or repairs to playground equipment to Facilities Customer Service (8-8000).
  • A picnic grove with barbecue grills and an athletic area is also provided.  Athletic equipment is available through the Butler Committee.  Please report items that need repair to Facilities Customer Service (8-8000).  Gas grills may not be used or stored within 10 feet of a building.  Toys should not be kept on the lawn or sidewalks of the complex.  Toys left unattended will be confiscated and disposed of.

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Electrical System

  • The circuit panel is located in the kitchen or the hallway.  Your apartment is equipped with circuit breakers that trip when the circuit is overloaded.  When this happens, wait a few minutes and then push the breaker to reset.  If the difficulty continues, disconnect your appliances and reset the breakers.  For any electrical trouble other than bulbs, contact Facilities Customer Service (8-8000), Monday-Friday, 7:30 AM - 5 PM.  After hours, call Public Safety (8-3134).
  • Installation of privately owned air conditioners is the resident's responsibility.  Before purchasing and installing air conditioners, please contact the Facilities Customer Service for specific restrictions and limitations.  Air conditioners in Butler units may be no more than 7.5 amps/110 volts.  Please contact Facilities Customer Service for air conditioner installation (8-8000).


  • All mowing of lawns is completed by the grounds maintenance crew.  A sign notifying residents is posted at each entrance the day prior to mowing.  Residents must remove from the lawn area all objects that may interfere with the mowers (e.g., hoses, lawn furniture, grills).  Facilities Grounds and Buildings Maintenance is not responsible for any damage to objects not removed.
  • All pruning of trees and shrubs around buildings is performed by Facilities Grounds and Buildings Maintenance.  If you have a problem with low-hanging limbs, overgrown shrubs or blocked gutters, contact Facilities Customer Service (8-8000).
  • All vegetable gardens must be planted in the central garden plot area located east of Halsey Street.  This garden area is tilled in early spring.  It is the responsibility of residents to keep their gardens cultivated and neat at all times.  Residents are responsible for removing stakes, fences and other objects that interfere with spring tilling.  Vegetable gardens are not permitted anywhere other than in the central garden plot.  Contact the Butler Committee for plot assignments.
  • The University allows flowers to be planted in an 18-inch border around the buildings.  This area must be maintained by the resident and kept neat at all times.  No trees or shrubs may be planted on the grounds.  If you feel there is a need for a tree or a shrub near your building, contact the University Grounds Manager (8-3505) who will visit your area and make a determination regarding your request.  The Grounds Manager may then select an appropriate planting material and arrange to have the work completed during the proper season.
  • Please keep your outside area free of toys, bikes, etc.  Such items constitute a safety hazard and detract from the complex appearance.
  • Residents have an obligation to respect the property of neighboring non-Butler residents in the Sycamore/Hartley Avenue areas.  These properties are private.

Garbage Disposal and Recycling

  • Pick-up days are Monday and Thursday.  Large garbage and recycling containers are situated throughout the Butler complex at convenient locations.  Bundled computer paper and newspaper, glass bottles and aluminum cans must be deposited in the proper dumpster or through the designated doors.

Heating System

  • Apartments contain a gas-operated space heater.  If you have any difficulty operating the heating unit, immediately contact Facilities Customer Service (8-8000), Monday-Friday, 7:30 AM - 5 PM.  If the problem occurs after hours, contact Public Safety (8-3134).  if there is a gas odor after hours, ask Public Safety to call PSE&G.  If leaving for a period of time in the winter months, the heater should be kept at 65° Fahrenheit—never turn it off.

Laundry Facilities

  • A coin-operated laundry room with washers and dryers is located at 408 Butler Avenue for use by Butler residents.  Please report any broken washers and dryers immediately to Facilities Customer Service (8-8000).  Clothes dryers are not permitted in the apartments.

Mail Deliveries

  • Mail deliveries are made to your box near the front door of each apartment.  The exception to this is the units at Halsey Court that have central boxes there.  Housing distributes keys to residents for the Halsey Court mail boxes.
  • How to write your address:

Your Name
Apartment Number and Street (e.g. 426B Devereux Avenue)
Princeton, New Jersey 08540



  • There is no main storage facility for residents in the Butler complex.  Each unit has a storage bin immediately adjacent to each building.

TV Anntenae and Satellite Dishes

  • Butler residents may not attach TV antennae to the buildings — they may be attached only to the front porch supports.  Residents are responsible for any damage and for removal of the antennae when they leave.  Cable TV service is available in each unit.  For information on cable TV, refer to "Facilities Services" in this handbook.  Residents have a limited right to install a satellite dish or receiving antenna.  For further information, contact the Housing Department for a copy of specific regulations (8-2326).


  • Your hot water heater is automatic.  If it stops functioning, the gas will be cut off, in which case you should call Facilities Customer Service (8-8000).

Leaving for More Than 24 Hours

  • It is essential that residents who are planning to be away overnight or on vacation during the winter make arrangements for the operation of the heating unit during their absence.  It is the Butler resident's responsibility to turn off the water supply to the outside faucet during cold weather to prevent freezing and burst pipes.  There are two valves underneath the kitchen sink, one of which controls the outside faucet.  To determine the correct valve to close, turn on the outside faucet and experiment with the two kitchen valves until you find the one that controls the flow of water to the outside faucet.  Close the valve.  The outside faucet should be left in the open position all winter — this prevents any water from staying in the pipes and eventually freezing.  In addition, disconnect any garden hoses that you may have connected to the outside faucet.  This is the responsibility of the contract holder and cannot be assumed by the University.  The resident is responsible for any damage that may be caused by freezing should he or she neglect taking these precautions and is expected to have all necessary repairs made at his or her own expense.  Do not leave potential fire hazards such as rags and paper in the apartment.  Any additional heating units the resident may have installed must be unplugged prior to leaving.

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