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Lawrence Apartments

Lawrence Apartments

What you need to know about the Lawrence Apartments, Buildings 1 to 7:

  • This modern complex is located in a peaceful setting off Alexander Street, south of the Graduate College.
  • Building 1 includes a refrigerator, stove, gas, heat, water and two wall air conditioners.
  • Building 1 will be a non-smoking building as of July 1, 2011.
  • Residents of Building 1 must pay electric, cable TV and telephone service.  All residents should contact PSE&G to setup a utility account.
  • Buildings 2 - 7, constructed in 1967, are two-bedroom units that include a refrigerator, stove, gas, heat and water.
  • Residents of buildings 2 - 7 must pay electric, cable TV and telephone service.  All residents should contact PSE&G to setup a utility account.
  • Consult the list of current fees and expenses to determine the monthly rate.
  • Coin-operated laundries are available.  Laundry equipment is not permitted in individual apartments.
  • Parking is available but permits are required and may be obtained at the University’s Transportation and Parking Services.
  • Pets that can be humanely restricted to cages, bowls or aquariums are permitted at the Lawrence Apartments.
  • Wireless internet access is included at Lawrence.  Consult the Office of Information Technology for more information.
  • Buildings 2 - 7 include an electronic door entry system known as Door King.  Please see the Door King instructions for detailed information.

What you need to know about Lawrence Apartments, Buildings 8 to 14:

  • Each apartment includes a fully equipped modern kitchen with refrigerator and stove, wall-to-wall carpeting and spacious closets.
  • Coin-operated laundry facilities are provided.
  • Most utilities (air conditioning, heat, water and electricity) are included in your monthly rate.  Cable and phone services are not included in your monthly rate.
  • The apartments feature central air conditioning, individual thermostat control, ceramic-tiled bathrooms and soaking tubs in all apartments.
  • All units are unfurnished.  Please check the list of current fees and expenses to determine the monthly charge for Buildings 8 to 14.
  • Parking is available but permits are required and may be obtained at the University’s Parking and Transportation Services.
  • Pets that can be humanely restricted to cages, bowls or aquariums are permitted at the Lawrence Apartments.
  • Each apartment also includes Internet access.

Apartment Dimensions

NOTE: These measurements are estimated measurements.

Buildings 1 to 7 Typical Unit Dimensions

Buildings 8 to 14 Typical Unit Dimensions

Lawrence Committee

The Lawrence Committee is an organization of residents, including student spouses.  It plans many of the social functions held each year for students, spouses and children.  It also represents the interests of Lawrence residents to the Housing Department.  Periodically the committee publishes a newsletter with information regarding events and developments.  New residents are encouraged to join the Lawrence Committee.

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Lawrence Complex Map

Community Room

  • The community rooms are located on the first floor of Building 1 and Building 14.  For a reservation, contact the Community Programs Coordinator.  All tenants have an apartment and an entry key.  The entry key unlocks the community room doors as well as all common entry doors.


  • A bicycle shelter is located behind Building 1 for the convenience of Lawrence residents.  Bicycle racks are also located at the entrance of each building.  Abandoned bicycles are cleared from the bike racks annually during October.

Computer Cluster

  • There is one secured OIT computer cluster at Building 1 and Building 14 with six PCs each for use by residents.  Contact the Housing Office for the entry door access code.  Each Lawrence apartment is equipped with a wireless internet connection.

Playground and Recreation

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  • Residents are responsible for changing any lightbulbs that may no longer be working within your apartment.  Facilities only maintains light fixtures that are located outside of your apartment.
  • It is the residents' responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the apartment including but not limited to the kitchen and bathroom.

Electrical System

  • All apartments are equipped with circuit breakers (Building 1 - closet at the end of the hallway; Buildings 2-7 - closet near the entry; Buildings 8-14 - visible box on wall) which trip when overloaded.  If this happens, wait a few minutes, turn the breaker to the “off” position and then reset to the “on” position.  If difficulties continue, disconnect your appliances and reset the breakers.  In the case of electrical problems contact Facilities Customer Service (8-8000), Monday-Friday 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM.  If the problem occurs after hours, contact Public Safety (8-3134).
  • Air conditioners with a maximum rating of 15 amps and a maximum height of 12.5 inches may be installed in designated spaces in Buildings 2 - 7.  The glass panel should not be cut.  The University provides metal inserts for the purpose of installing air conditioners in the Lawrence Apartments.  Residents should contact Facilities Customer Service (8-8000) to have their windows removed and air conditioners installed.  Make sure you know the proper size before buying an air conditioner.  Facilities Customer Service will advise the resident of the established service price for installation based upon the type of windows and number of air conditioning units.  Vacating residents are responsible for calling Facilities Customer Service (8-8000) to have the unit removed.


  • Buildings 1 and 10 - 12 have self-service elevators.  If you have difficulty while in the elevator, press the emergency button or call Public Safety on the emergency phone.  The roofs may not be used for any purpose.


  • In Buildings 2 - 7, floors are covered with vinyl tile.  A high-quality wax should be used on them for cleaning.  Buildings 1 and  8 - 14 are carpeted in the bedroom(s) and living room/dining areas.

Garbage Disposal and Recycling

  • All garbage and trash, excluding bottles and aluminum cans, must be placed in the dumpsters provided.  A recycling shed is located next to the dumpsters for recyclable items.  For dumpster and recycling shed locations, please see the Lawrence Apartments complex map

Heating System

  • Building 1 apartments have a thermostat-controlled circulating hot water heating system and each apartment comes equipped with an air conditioning unit(s).  Buildings 2 - 7 have a non-adjustable circulating hot water heating system.  Valves should never be adjusted.  Buildings 8 - 14 have individually controlled forced-air heating/AC units.  If you have a problem with your heat, contact Facilities Customer Service (8-8000), Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM.  If the problem occurs after hours, contact Public Safety (8-3134).

Laundry Facilities

  • The Lawrence Apartments have four laundry rooms, each with coin-operated washing machines and dryers, located in the basement of Building 2 and the first floor of Buildings 1, 10 and 14.
  • Hours of operation for laundry facilities in Buildings 2 and 10 are 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM.
  • The laundry facilities in Buildings 1 and 14 are open 24 hours a day.
  • Please report any broken washing machines or dryers to Facilities Customer Service (8-8000) immediately.
  • No laundry may be hung outside the apartments or apartment windows.  Washing machines, dryers or dishwashers are not permitted in apartments.

Mail Deliveries

  • Mail deliveries are made to your box in the entrance foyer of each building.
  • How to write your address:

Your Name
Apartment Building and Apartment Number (e.g. 12 Lawrence Dr. Apt. #1201)
Princeton, New Jersey  08540

  • Buildings 1 and 8 - 14 access the mailbox with the apartment key.  Buildings 2 - 7 access the mailbox with a dedicated mailbox key.
  • The U.S. Postal Service leaves receipts with instructions for obtaining packages.  Please make arrangements for the delivery of packages to your door, since no provision exists for such deliveries.
  • IMPORTANT:  Tenants must put their name(s) on the inside of their mailbox.  The U.S. Postal Service will not deliver mail to ANY unlabeled mailbox.



  • Building 1
    • An individual storage bin for each apartment is provided in rooms located on the ground floor of Building 1.  Storage bins at Building 1 are only  for residents of Building 1.
  • Buildings 2 - 7
    • An individual storage bin for each apartment is provided in rooms located in the basement of Building 2.  The storage bins in Building 2 are only for residents of Buildings 2 - 7.
  • Buildings 10 - 12
    • Storage in the basement of Building 12 is only for 1-bedroom apartments in Buildings 10 and 12.  The bin is the responsibility of the individual resident.  The University cannot assume any responsibility for stored items.
  • Buildings 8 - 9 and 13 - 14
    • One-bedroom apartments have access to storage in the basement of Building 12.  The apartment key provides access.
  • Old magazines, newspapers and any other potential fire hazards may not be left in the bin.  At no time may lighter fluid or flammable gasses be stored.
  • Unclaimed items left in storage bins are discarded within 60 days after the resident has vacated and the resident is charged for this service.
  • Under no circumstances may any items be stored in lobbies, walkways, hallways or on the grounds.

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