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The Graduate College


The Old Graduate College (OGC), built in 1913 and expanded in 1927, consists largely of one- and two-room suites for one or two students; many rooms have private or semi-private bathrooms.

The New Graduate College, constructed in 1962 and directly adjacent to the Old Graduate College, contains single rooms with one shared bathroom for the 8 to 12 people in each hallway. Every resident of both the New and Old Graduate College dormitories is required to select a meal contract.

Two types of arrangements for housing are available at the Graduate College: co-residential floors, and male or female by floor. Bathrooms on co-residential floors are shared by male and female residents. Bathrooms on single-sex floors are single sex according to the sex of the residents of that floor. Below are links to useful information concerning the Graduate College:

Graduate College House Committee

The Graduate College House Committee is the student governance organization of the Graduate College and the Annexes.  As such, it represents residents to the administration and also is responsible for allocating house dues.  The committee sponsors many of the social, cultural, athletic and intellectual activities that take place at the Graduate College.  In addition, the group also has administrative responsibility for the laundry machines.

Each Graduate College and Annex resident pays house dues in conjunction with their Housing contract.  The dues enable residents to participate in House Committee functions.  Refund of the entire $50 occurs if the student cancels their Housing contract before September 30th.  Any cancellation between September 30th and January 31st receives a $25 refund.  Any cancellation after January 31st does not receive a refund of house dues.

The House Committee welcomes input and participation from all residents.  Graduate students seeking opportunities for involvement are encouraged to contact house committee members by visiting the House Committee website.

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Community Associates

The Community Associate is a part-time live-in graduate student staff member of the Graduate School whose goal is to build a sense of community and act as a resource and peer counselor to all Graduate College residents.

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Porter's Lodge

The Porter’s Lodge (8-3443) in the Old Graduate College provides a variety of reception services for residents.  It serves as an information center, a focal point for activities and a source of equipment, recreational reading materials and videos and DVDs available for checkout by graduate students.  In addition, the mailroom for Graduate College residents is located in the Porter’s Lodge.  Upon arriving to the Graduate College, please visit the Porter's Lodge to fill out the necessary paperwork to setup your mailbox.  If you fail to establish your mailbox after the start of the academic year, all mail and packages will be returned to the sender.

The Graduate College Office Coordinator is responsible for the Porter’s Lodge on weekdays.  In the evenings and on weekends, it is staffed by graduate student porters. 

Variations in the scheduled office hours do occur and are normally posted in advance.  For more information visit the Porter's Lodge website.

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Community Programs Coordinator

The Community Programs Coordinator, in liaison with the Graduate School and the Housing Department, represents the best interests of graduate residents to the University community.  In a residence life program that emphasizes community development, the Community Programs Coordinator is responsible for the daily social management of the Graduate College, the coordination and implementation of all programming in cooperation with the Graduate College House Committee and the advising and referral of students as appropriate.

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Floor Plans

Students with a valid University NetID and password may access online floor plans of the Graduate College by clicking here.