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Housing Plan Components

Butler Apartments

The Butler Barrack Style Apartments Today

The Butler Apartments were constructed in 1947 and are located off Harrison Street, on the east side of campus. Originally part of the Reconversion Housing Project for Veterans, they provided returning veterans with what was to be temporary, barrack style housing. In 1988, an additional 56 modular units were added. 

Configuration and Use
At present, there are two apartment types distinguishable by size; one unit is 670 square feet, the other 454 square feet. Both apartment types contain two bedrooms, one bath, a kitchen, and living room. Heating is provided by a gas space heater. There is a gas water heater and gas stove. The architectural style would best be described as single floor bungalow. Residents pay their own utility costs, with the exception of water.

The Butler Apartment complex contains 304 apartment units, housing over 400 graduate students and their families. Faculty and staff do not reside at Butler Apartments.

Butler Apartment Interior

What was built as temporary housing more than 60 years ago has far outlived its useful life. These challenges confront Butler Apartments today and were key in determining Butler's future.

  • Units are heated by gas space heater located in one room. Heat is dispersed through apartment by fan, sending heat traveling through vents cut into walls. 
  • Although units have two bedrooms, they contain only one bathroom.
  • Bedrooms within units are small.   
  • Kitchens do not meet modern standards.
  • Hot water pipes are exposed in bathroom areas.  
  • No one-bedroom units are available in the complex.

Future Plans
The housing plan calls for the reconstruction of the Butler Site. This reconstruction will replace the existing buildings with approximately 220 new units, allocated for rental and purchase by faculty and staff. Proposed plans for the Butler Site include over 110 stacked flat units, approximately 70 townhomes, and a mix of approximately 40 single family dwellings or undeveloped lots.

Plan Progress
Refer to the  Plan Updates section of this site as the housing plan moves forward.