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Housing Plan Components

Faculty and Staff Housing

Princeton University is committed to maintaining and strengthening its identity as a residential institution providing faculty and staff with rental and ownership opportunities on or near campus. Presently eligible faculty and staff are housed in more than 600 rental units and in excess of 140 ownership units located near campus.

Future Plans
The Housing Plan seeks to provide rental opportunities for eligible faculty and staff on the Merwick and Stanworth sites.  The University recently announced American Campus Communities of Austin, Texas as the developer for Stanworth and Merwick.  These sites are north of campus and include the current Stanworth Apartments and former Merwick Care Center rehabilitation facility.  The Merwick-Stanworth project will feature a mix of apartments and townhomes, including affordable units available to local residents with low-to-moderate incomes.  Plans call for a close-knit community that adds a significant number of new units, incorporates sustainable design features, preserves the existing landscape and enhances the surrounding neighborhood. 

The University intends to take down the 70-year-old buildings at Butler Tract (bounded by Harrison Street, Hartley Avenue and Sycamore Road), after the Hibben-Magie work is completed. However, Princeton has no immediate plans for construction at that site.