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Housing Plan Components

Graduate Student Housing

Fostering a productive and rewarding experience for  graduate students includes opportunity for students to live on or near campus. Presently a range of housing opportunities for graduate students exists, including dormitory style and apartment housing. Some rental unit properties were built more than 40, and in some cases 60, years ago. These properties are in need of renovation and reconstruction. More than 70% of all graduate students are housed at the Graduate College or in University owned rental units.

Future Plans
The housing plan will continue to house a large majority of the graduate student population.  American Campus Communities of Austin, Texas is developing Lakeside Graduate Housing on the former Hibben and Magie Apartments site. Please refer to Plan Updates for additional information on all the housing plan projects.  Most of the Stanworth Apartments will be  allocated to graduate students during the two-year construction period at the Hibben-Magie site. 

The University intends to take down the 70-year-old buildings at Butler Tract (bounded by Harrison Street, Hartley Avenue and Sycamore Road), after the Hibben-Magie work is completed. However, Princeton has no immediate plans for construction at that site.